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We offer the following home services:

  • Animal Droppings/Feces Removal
  • Attic Restoration/Insulation
  • Attic/Soffit/Louvre Vent Screen Guards
  • Siding Installation

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Animal & Wildlife Control in Kalamazoo, MI

If you're experiencing a home infestation, then trust the professionals for Kalamazoo County, MI, animal and wildlife control. The services at Critter Control of Kalamazoo are competitively priced, and we strive to finish projects quickly. With our help, you can finally be rid of the vermin living in your attic and start enjoying a peaceful home again.

We’re a locally owned and operated company that offers commercial and residential services. We provide management programs, land clearing, pest control, and general animal control. We’ll also remove the droppings and damaged insulation that creatures often leave behind. We believe in helping our clients by:

  • Identifying and correcting the source of the problem
  • Offering safe and humane trapping and removal services
  • Installing preventive measures to keep animals out in the future

Call our Kalamazoo County, MI, animal and wildlife control professionals today for your convenient appointment. Critter Control of Kalamazoo is available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and Saturday, 8am – 3pm. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope that you’ll trust us with all of your animal control needs.

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To contact the Kalamazoo County office, please complete the form below. For an immediate response please contact a representative at: 269-353-2874.

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